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Repeater Etiquette

A simple guide to courteous operation on our repeater.

  • Even 'mild' obscenities are not good operating practice. This includes suggestive phrases, and suggestive phonetics.
  • Do not monopolize the repeater.
  • If you feel compelled to interrupt an existing conversation, remember that it is no more polite to do so on the air than if you did it in person.
  • Ignore jammers and others who try to disrupt the repeater's normal operation. Without any reaction from the repeater users, they will have no audience and probably go away in short order.
  • Transmit your call sign when you first come on the air. Make sure you ID once every 10 minutes, but there is no need to identify too often.
  • Don't cough, clear your throat, sneeze, etc., on the air; Unkey your microphone first.
  • Be upbeat and courteous. Don't complain. This especially includes complaining about other hams, the repeater, or some aspect of the hobby.
  • Do not use the word "break" to join a conversation. It is not considered good operating practice and in some circles the word "break" is reserved for announcing emergencies. The appropriate amateur radio term is break-in. If you simply want to join in, just transmit your call sign.
  • Promptly acknowledge any break-in stations and permit them to join the conversation or make a quick call.
  • Do not use phrases learned on 11 meters such as "handle", "making the trip", "got a good copy on me?", "the personal here is...", "what's your 20?", "you're giving me 20-pounds", and other strange phrases which should stay on CB.
  • Following a roundtable, or rotation format is the best way for 3 or more to participate. Don't ignore people by not passing it to them for several turns.