What we do!

If you want to be involved in Amateur Radio, you'll want to get the most out of your ham radio experience... you'll want to be involved in a radio club that is involved in activities, projects, and FUN!!! The Raytown Amateur Radio Club is one of the most active clubs in the area, we are involved in a multitude of events all year long.  

Ham Radio Testing: 

Weekly Social Meetings: Every Saturday, members of the Raytown Amateur Radio Club get together for an ice cream social at the local Culvers in Lee's Summit, from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.  Anyone is welcome to come join and enjoy fellowship and ice cream with other like minded friends! 

 Weekly On-The-Air Nets: A net is a gathering of hams on the radio, the Raytown Amateur Radio Club hosts multiple nets each week, including our Sunday Night VHF net, where we discuss what is going on with the club and with radio in the area, and we usually have a topic of discussion to share with each other... and our weekly Wednesday night UHF net.   We also support a wide range of nets throughout the week:
     Monday night POTA Pit net, where we talking about POTA (Parks on the Air)
     Tuesday night Fishsticks net, where you can share all of your wildest fishing tales
     Tuesday night, Hammetes, a net devoted to our lady hams (YLs, XYLs, and others)
     Morning Nets with our Club Ambassador, George KD4RUU (George, Lee's Summit) 
     Sunday night, Right Wing Wackos, our Patriotic, Freedom Loving friends
  AND MANY MANY more nets throughout the week! 

Field Day: An annual amateur radio exercise, organized by the ARRL (American Radio Relay League), held the fourth full weekend in June each year, gives radio operators an opportunity to put their emergency preparedness and communication skills to the test.  The Raytown Amateur Radio Club gets together each year and hosts a field day operating station where club members come out and work stations all over the world.  It's an opportunity to hang out with friends, and put our skills to the test. 

Missouri QSO Party:  Each year the St Louis Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society (BEARS-STL) puts on a QSO party for the entire state of Missouri. The entire goal is to work as many stations as possible, and folks from all around the world will try to work Missouri Stations.  The Raytown Amateur Radio Club has for many years served as a Bonus Station for the Contest, meaning that stations who work us earn extra points.  We setup each year and try to work as many stations as possible, it gives club members an opportunity to get together and have some fun on the radio... the club sets up equipment, and many members bring their own. We usually work SSB, CW, and Digital on a variety of bands.  

Monthly Club Meetings: 

Summer Picnics:

Holiday Gatherings: 

Special Radio Events