Our Leadership
The Raytown Amateur Radio Club is headquartered in the City of Raytown, Missouri, a suburb of about 30,000 residents, located on the east side of Kansas City, Missouri and is considered to be part of the Kansas City Metropolitan area. 

Raytown Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (as it is officially known) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Missouri, and is governed by it's Board of Directors which consist of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member at Large. 
President - Jen Albright, N0VVX
Jen Albright
Jen Albrightpresident@k0gq.com
My father KE0DSV is a blind ham. I had escorted him to maybe 2 hamfests at the Shrine temple and at least 2 WW1 events, before everyone knew my name and it seemed I was destined to have a license. Dad bought me a hand held at Christmas and it was under the bus I went until I passed! But that is how you know the Ham community loves you! I passed my technician license March of 2019.

I have always been a weather watcher, and amateur radio made that more interesting. I have not had time to educate myself in the many weather net operations, but that is next on the list. 

Outside of radio I have a son, daughter in law, 3 beautiful grandchildren, a very independent step daughter and a crazy S.O. who keep me busy. Along with Jeep time, kayaking and being on a trail with a dog, I stay as busy as I can outside in the sunshine. I have a spoiled golden retriever, that lies under my feet in my ham shack and laughs along with the craziness that comes across the radio! 

Tuesday night you can join me in the Americas KC Wide Fusion room on the Hammeettes net at 8pm (central time). I listen on the Raytown club repeater as much as possible. So you may catch me there also. The RARC and Hammettes both have facebook pages to keep updated on the happenings in the area. 
Vice President - Joe Rinella, KG0HG
Joe began his Ham radio hobby at the age of 11 experimenting with a crystal radio set as a Christmas present. It was fascinating how AM stations could be heard on such a simple device without any batteries. The mystery and intrigue of simple electronics led to transistor radios, shortwave radios, and then to Ham radio. Joe pursued his Novice license and learned the "code"- CW, and then took the Novice test and passed receiving a call sign of WN0EDD. After a year of operating, he began studying for the General class while increasing his CW speed to 13 WPM and passed at age 13 where he changed call signs to WB0EDD. He operated as a General class during his teenage years owning a number of radios including a few "boat anchors". After getting married, he upgraded to Advanced Class and received call sign KG0HG which he still maintains to this day. As part of a "Covid" project, he studied for his Extra Class and received that upgrade in 2020. After 54 years as an Amateur, even though those old radios of the past are long-gone, and replaced with updated gear, his love of Ham radio and all the various facets of the hobby still remain. 

In 1979, Joe graduated with a degree in Electronics Technology and has worked primarily in telecommunications engineering and data networking, and is looking at retirement soon where he can spend more time being radio-active in the hobby, woodworking, hiking/backpacking, biking the trails, and being a grandpa.

Joe lives in Independence, MO with his wife of 44 years, and has 3 grown children and a new grandchild. He has served in various positions in his church, including bible study leader, and is a volunteer for several philanthropic organizations. He is currently member of the K0GQ Raytown Amateur Radio Club and helps host the on-the-air club net get-togethers on Sunday evenings.

If you're looking for some help with your journey in radio, he'd be happy to be a mentor or Elmer along the way for you.
Secretary - Jeremiah Griffith, KC4CAD
Jeremiah Griffith
Jeremiah Griffithsecretary@k0gq.com
I am a relatively new ham, I tested with the Raytown Club in January of 2020. I attained my technician license at that testing session, then came back in April of 2021 and received my General Class license. 

I had always had an interest in Amateur Radio, but when I was younger the code requirement still existed and I just couldn't grasp my head around morse code... so I had kinda given up on the chance... several years ago through scouting I became friends with fellow club member Dave Hinkley, who reigniged my interest. I reached out to our test coordinator and resident expert Robin W0FEN and the rest is history. 

I'm active in the RARC, a member of the ARRL and a lifetime member of the OM International Sideband Society... I also enjoying hunting POTA activators and occasionally going out and activating myself.

I currently have a FT-300D mobile, a FT-897, and an FTDX-3000 here at home.  I have a spencer dipole (OCFD) that is 187-ish feet long that has allowed me to work pretty much any band on HF... I regularly work 12,17,20,40 and 80 and am now starting to look at playing on 160m.  
Treasurer - Wayne Oyler - KF0KTE
More Info to come
Member at Large - Paul Watts, KC0DDZ
I am long time member of the Raytown Amatuer Radio club. My journey started in 1998 when I earned my technician license, followed by my general in 2012, and finally extra in 2015. I have used my ham radio skills in a variety of volunteer activities including storm spotting, the MS bike ride, and the MS walk. You will often see me using these skills in CERT events as well. I helped found Raytown CERT team in 2014, and recently in 2021 helped create the Raytown CERT Ham Radio team (KC0ERT).