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145.170 MHz, Negative Offset, tone 151.4

The Raytown Repeater is open for all amateur radio operators. Tone access of 151.4 Hertz is needed from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM, Local Time . This can be over ridden by Key-up and entering 911 and will remain over ridden until after 10 minutes of no repeater activity. If interference occurs that causes the repeater to activate, tone access may be turned on. This tone is always present on the output of the repeater.

Repeater etiquette

Repeater Info

  • Location: Near 63rd and Arlington Avenue, Raytown, Missouri
  • Sponsor: Raytown Amateur Radio Club
  • Antenna Height:
    • 175' above ground
    • 1033' above sea level
  • Repeater & Power: 30 watts

DTMF Keypad Test

Check to see if your numbers on your keypad are putting out correct tones. Just key-up and send Code A375 followed by any numbers on your keypad and the repeater will announce the numbers in order that you push them. Example: push A37512345, the repeater will say 12345. Of course, if there is a problem with tones on numbers A375, this function will not work for you.

Time Request

Key-up and send 411, un-key and the repeater will give the time.

10 Minute Reminder ID

After the first ID when the repeater is initialized by a signal, the repeater will ID every 9 minutes and 30 sec. into a QSO. This is to help you know when to ID. If there is no signal after a ID, the repeater will return to rest until the next time it hears a signal.

Voice Signal Playback

Key-up and enter 789*. Un-key, the voice will say: "Start test now". and before the repeater drops, Key-up and record up to a seven second message. Un-key and your message will play back. You will instantly know how your signal sounds through the repeater.

Hourly Id

The repeater is set to ID every hour with the correct time and message starting 6 AM and ending at 11 PM.