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QRZ News
QRZ Events
Phillip Groves, N8SFO, Named as West Virginia Section Manager
Museum Donates Doug DeMaw, W1FB, Homebrew Equipment
ARRL Headquarters Will Be Closed on Friday, July 3
Senate Sponsor of “Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015” said Bill Promotes Regulatory Transparency, Equality
ARRL Website Has New Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 Page
“Founders and Patriots of the Republic” is Theme of Annual 13 Colonies Event
States, Counties, Communities Recognize the Value of Amateur Radio, Field Day
The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 Introduced in the US Senate
The ARRL Letter Tops 100,000 Subscribers!
Canadian Satellite Will Listen for ARRL Field Day Stations
HAM RADIO 2015 Gets Under Way in Friedrichshafen, Germany
The K7RA Solar Update
Pattern of Contact Padding Prompts Disqualifications, CQ Review of All Past Contest Logs
Ohio ARES “NVIS Antenna Day” Concludes That the Truth is Up There
League Continues Efforts to Secure US Senate Sponsorship for the Amateur Radio Parity Act
100 Watts and a Wire with Christian Cudnik, KØSTH​ Officially Launches!
The Ham Radio Deluxe Team is Growing Again!
Solar Storms Continue, as Power Grid Braces Itself
ICQPODCAST in Friedrichshafen 2015
Ham College episode 6
field day on QSO Radio and
The ARRL Letter, June 25, 2015
QSO Today Podcast - Episode 46 - Tony Parks - KB9YIG - SoftRock SDR creator
Video footage with Drones Quadcopters
Call in for Field Day LIVE on International Shortwave!!
FUNcube-1 / AO-73 Glitch and Commanded Reboot
Space Weather Warning
Latest episode of on line Ham Show TX Factor visits BBC HQ in London
Log4OM added features in the latest release
The MDSR Team has released the “New MDSR Spectrum Analyzer V1.1”
3W3RR Jail-pedition 2003-2015
HH2TD 4V0HQ Haiti
13 Colonies Special Event 30 JUNE - 5 JULY, 2015
J79XE Dominica Island
J68HS Saint Lucia Island
TF/F4GGQ Iceland
Activation DAI
W4WFF NASA Wallops Amateur Radio Club at the NASA Wallops Open House This Saturday
5H3DX Tanzania
Tm1 usa lafayette 26 / 06/2015
Singapore QSO Night 2015 - 27th June 2014
KT takmičenja "VIDOVDAN 2015"
KT takmičenja "VIDOVDAN 2015"
ZL Memorial Comtest