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Ham Radio Aids in Rescue of Injured Colorado Hiker
Radio Amateurs Named to Order of Canada
Cincinnati BPL Internet Service Provider Pulls the Plug on its System
ARRL VEC Conducts Remote Exam Session with Applicants in Antarctica
Nobel Laureate Joe Taylor, K1JT, to Conventioneers: Amateur Radio Will Thrive
FCC Alleges Deliberate Interference, Failure to Identify in Proposing Substantial Fines for Two Radio Amateurs
W1AW Centennial Operations Move to Indiana, Rhode Island
India’s VO-52 Satellite Goes Dark
Centennial Convention Provides Springboard for “Amateur Radio Parity Act,” HR.4969
FEMA and ARRL Sign Agreement; FEMA Administrator Calls Ham Radio “Resilient”
The K7RA Solar Update
ARRL Dedicates Centennial Terrace to Honor Major Donors
ARRL President Issues Call to Action to Gain Support for HR.4969 Amateur Radio Parity Act!
ARRL Board of Directors to Meet July 21-22 in Hartford
Grassroots Campaign Underway to Promote Co-Sponsorship of “Amateur Radio Parity Act”

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ISEE-3 spacecraft presentation in Guildford Saturday
4,000 Scouts to experience Ham Radio at Scout AirFest in Illinois
The ARRL Letter, July 24, 2014
NASA evaluates CME of July 2012: We were lucky
QRZ Sweepstakes Weekly Winner - Matt Neubauer KG7IZS
Boulder County hiker thankful for rescuers and ham radio operators: 'I was lucky'
Brian Crow, K3VR issued $11,500 fine by FCC
KZ8O fined $22,000 by the FCC for intentional interference
VO-52 Satellite Decommissioned
HamRadioNow: NO on HR 4969 (the AR Parity Act), but YES on SDR
New book for hams about HF Software Defined Radio
Bill Moore - NC1L
HR.4969 ARRL files again...
HamRadioNow: I'm Back (and oh, yeah, the DCC Video KICKSTARTER is LIVE)
Lightweight Portable Masts - some thoughts
4,000 Scouts to Experience Ham Radio at Scout AirFest in Illinois
Pacific Northwest DX Convention - this weekemd.
VP2V/K6TOP - Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Expedicion Culebra island PR WP4I
YJ0UO Vanuatu
World War 1 Centennial Special Event
GB1LC - special call for my local scouts for JOTA
K4US Coast Guard Birthday Special Event
9Y4/AI5P Tobago Island
W4H - Wapello County 4-H Expo
J3/AI5P Grenada Island
Everybody's Day September 27, 2014
Special Events and 1x1 Calls