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QRZ News
QRZ Events
Got Grids? ARRL June VHF Contest is June 13- 15
Amateur Radio Volunteers Muster for “Unprecedented” Weather Event
Nick Lance, KC5KBO, SK — Prepared Astronauts to Become Radio Amateurs
Logbook of The World Will Be Down Briefly on May 28
Alberta ARES Requests Priority Access to 14.135, 7.135, and 3.675 MHz Due to Fires
China Set to Launch Several Amateur Radio Satellites this Summer
US Naval Academy PSK31 CubeSat Transponders Active
FCC Eliminates Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Regulatory Fee
ARRL to Change Administrator for Insurance Plans
Nepal Now Has a Second Repeater in Operation
The K7RA Solar Update
Dayton Hamvention 2015: Great Weekend, Friendly Crowd
Updated Amateur Radio Emergency Service Manual Now Online
“North American CW Weekend” Set for June 5-7 in DC Area
AMSAT-NA Solicits Board of Directors Nominations
Amateur Radio Newsline Needs Help!
HRD news: WY7YL returns to HRD as support specialist, adds UK support member.
QSO Today Podcast - EP 42 Carol Milazzo - KP4MD/6 - Applying the Scientific Method
FAMOUS ham-radio & VIP's OM ...update list today !
FFC Rules to Elminate Vanity Call Sign Fee and GMRS License Fee
ID-5100E Firmware Update Release E3 and CS-5100 Cloning Software Update Ver. 1.20
New QSO Radio Show hosted by Ted Randall - WB8PUM
DHS National Space Weather Strategy
The ARRL Letter, May 21, 2015
LightSail-1 and PSK31 CubeSats launched
ANZAC 100 logs milestone
Radio hams invited to test APRS on Duchifat-1
AmateurLogic 78: Live from Dayton Hamvention 2015
New Firmware Update for the IC-7600 HF Amateur radio Transceiver
Parachute Mobile Mission 20 on Sunday May 31, Byron CA with HF comms from aloft.
VY0M Melville Island
9m2se iota as-046 2015 dxpedition
Z21MG Zimbabwe
VP2MLU Montserrat Island
II4MB Spec. Call during Museum Ship Weekend
5C5T Morocco
RI0X expedition story
PJ7/NP4G FS/NP4G Sint Maarten
P4/NU4N Aruba
C6ANS C6ATA Eleuthera Island
ZZ 2 KDM - A Brasilian Field Day whith
VP2MDG VP2MPS Montserrat Island
JW2US Hopen Island
9AFF activity
Special Event Station