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Hams Helping Hams

Raytown ARC Hams Help Club Mate

(June 27, 2011 – Kansas City, MO)  Without a doubt, Field Day is the major event on the calendar of nearly every ham radio operator in North America.  Recently, Raytown Amateur Radio Club Member, Keith Meegan – K2SPX suddenly found himself in Kansas City, Missouri’s Research Medical Center Hospital and was very disappointed that he would be unable to attend the 2011 ARRL Field Day Event hosted by the Raytown Amateur Radio Club.  Keith Meegan – K2SPK

Scott Covey – KD0HMH, also of the Raytown Amateur Radio Club took notice of Keith’s situation, and quickly put his head together with Jerry Chamberlin – W0JRJ.  Together, Scott and Jerry came up with a plan to work with the hospital to provide Keith with Scott’s Wouxun, Dual-Band HT and a “mag-mount” antenna that could be mounted near the windows of Keith’s hospital room.  Now, Keith could make contacts through the Raytown – K0GQ Repeater, but Scott and Jerry took this a step further.  The guys set it up so Keith could also make remote access to Jerry’s Kenwood HF Radio at his home, tuned to 28.400 MHz on the 10m Band, thus allowing Keith to work HF contacts during field day!

“You should have seen Keith’s eyes light up when we brought the equipment into his room!” said Scott. 

During the Monday Morning Commute after Field Day, Keith reported through the repeater (from his hospital room,) that he was able to make many 10m contacts on Field Day, and had a lot of fun and excitement!