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Challenge Coin 2021

Flyer:  Click here to view and print the Challenge Coin Flyer

 - Coin prices are:
     - Non numbered coins are $10 each
     - Numbered coins are $50 each & Include a hard plastic case and certificate of authenticity

     - How to order:
     - Use the Paypal link below
     - Or email:


What exactly is a challenge coin?:
The origin of the challenge coin is debatable, as there are a few differing stories lining the edges of the history books. The most widely accepted story dates back to World War I. It is rumored that the a Lieutenant of a particular Air Force regime had coins made for each member of his platoon bearing their squadron symbol. The men went forth into battle, and one pilot was shot down, becoming a prisoner of war. He was stripped of his personal belongings, but managed to retain his coin, which he kept hidden throughout his transport to the prisoner camp. A stroke of luck one evening allowed an opportunity for escape, and the pilot took his chance. Stealing some clothes, he ran until he encountered a French regime, who had unfortunately been trained not to trust any foreigners, who could potentially be the enemy masquerading as someone else. The pilot was sentenced to die, but was given a reprieve when he showed his coin to his captors one of whom recognized the insignia and realized the man wasn’t an enemy. The pilot returned home, and a new tradition began.

Modern Tradition:
Today, challenge coins are handed out to members of military for many honor, completion of a difficult task, a special recognition...and once given, it is expected that the recipient will carry that coin always. The “challenge” imparted stems from the tradition of being challenged to produce the coin when called upon, usually in a social setting, and usually involving rounds of drinks. When called upon, he who cannot produce his coin buys the round. If everyone challenged produces their coin, he who placed the challenge buys the round


Challenge Coin
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